Mac makeup for oily acne prone skin

Best MAC Foundations For Different Skin Types

Best MAC Foundations For Different Skin Types

The coverage is quite sheer, but can be built up to cover minor imperfections and redness on the skin, and lasts for a huge 8 hours, making it perfect for everyday wear, and even those who have oily skin types. The MAC Pro Longwear Foundation is indeed as its name suggests, and is the foundation of choice for many a makeup pro and makeup artist. The foundation itself has a huge 15 hours wear, and the longest-lasting of all MAC foundations.

The foundation also has a unique blend of Micronized Pigments, which work to smooth the skin and give the appearance of a perfected complexion; great to use if you know there are going to be a lot of photos and your skin needs to look its best. This full coverage foundation is ideal for those wanting to cover up blemishes and skin imperfections without drying out the skin or causing it to become irritated. Formulated to be the most waterproof and water-resistant foundation on the market, the Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation lasts on the skin no matter what the weather throws at you.

Unique Shade Intelligence Technology means that the pigments in the foundation customise to your natural skin tone and give you the most natural and perfected finish possible. The foundation itself has a beautiful demi-matte finish, making it ideal for those oilier skin types, who want to keep shine at bay and the complexion looking its best.

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Although the foundation has medium coverage, it can be built up to your desired finish to help cover imperfections and blemishes on the skin. Thanks to its SPF content, the foundation helps to offer further sun protection and shield your skin against environmental aggressors, when used in conjunction with a suncare product.

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Formulated with a blend of 77 Minerals, Vitamin E and Shea Butter, the foundation is extremely moisturising and helps to keep the skin hydrated through its wear, making it ideal for anyone suffering from dry or dehydrated skin. The foundation is made up of a combination of powders that help to visibly blur out imperfections and leave you with a perfected and flawless complexion.

The formula itself however is a cream-gel consistency, which glides onto the skin beautifully for a dewy and luminous finish. This creamy compact foundation is the perfect antidote to dry and dehydrated complexions thanks to its delightfully hydrating formula that leaves skin glowing. Although the formula is extremely nourishing, the texture of the foundation itself feels super lightweight on the skin so it never feels uncomfortable or heavy.

Does MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation Clog Pores and Cause Acne? | Lipstick Alley

Beet Root Extract helps to soften the skin and keep it conditioned throughout the day, even through an impressive 8 hours wear. Created with the exclusive MAC Multi-Mineral Complex, the foundation feels super silky and glides beautifully onto the complexion to even out the skin tone and provide a healthy luminosity so your skin always looks fresh and natural. If you prefer the feel of a powder foundation over liquid, you will love the MAC Mineralize Loose Powder Foundation , which has a medium to buildable texture to provide excellent yet natural coverage.

Unlike traditional powders which contain Talc and fragrance, this foundation is naturally-derived and free from common skin irritants, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of complexions.

Infused with Mica to reflect light and give skin beautiful luminosity, Seracite to even out the skin tone and provide a lit-from-within look, and Wheat Germ Extract to nourish the skin, this foundation is perfect for all skin types, but especially those with dehydrated or dulling complexions. This high coverage foundation can be built up to provide a full and flawless finish that will leave your complexion looking completely even. Formulated with Silica, the foundation helps to absorb excess oil and leave the skin with a matte finish for 8 hours wear.

It also has SPF 15 protection, making it ideal for sunnier days when your complexion needs a little boost in addition to its regular sunscreen.

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This full coverage foundation feels surprisingly lightweight on the skin despite its flawless finish. Thanks to its velvety smooth texture, it leaves skin with a full and even coverage without compromising on its ability to breathe. Formulated with a unique blend of powder and pigments, the foundation is suitable for even acne-prone skin thanks to its non-acnegenic formula which means it will keep your skin breathing through its long-wear coverage.

This uniquely textured foundation actually feels like gel on the skin, which helps to soothe irritation and provide an instant burst of moisture to dehydrated complexions.

Formulated with Vitamin E and Tamarind Seed Extract, the foundation feels incredibly nourishing, helping to provide a full and flawless finish, without ever looking heavy, cakey or settling into dry patches or fine lines and wrinkles. The addition of Mirconized Silicon Pigments allow the foundation to adhere to the skin without sticking to problem areas, so you can be sure your skin looks flawless.

Although this foundation is great for dehydrated, dry and more mature skin types, its non-acnegenic formula also make it suitable for congested and blemish-prone skin too. The unique formula feels like a gel-serum and glides onto the skin beautifully to deliver a weightless and natural finish that makes the complexion appear perfected and flawless.

Jul 17, 2. Studio Fix is pretty heavy, thus known to cause clogging. But, if you wash your face every night it, you will lessen the chances of clogging and breakouts. Some people breakout using all MAC products. Have you tried Bobbi Brown, Armani, Iman or a mineral foundation? Edit to add: Becca is another great line, with a wide color range, very light foundations that are buildable for coverage. Jul 17, 3. Jul 17, 4. I can't speak for anyone else, but I had to stop using Studio Fix because I felt like it was too heavy on my skin. I do not have acne prone skin at all, and just get a few pimples during PMS, but wow, this did a number on my complexion.

It will for sure give you coverage, but yes, it will clog your pores. Jul 17, 5. I read somewhere that Studio Fix is for normal to oily skin, whilst Studio Tech is for normal to dry skin. It makes sense considering the different textures of the two. Therefore, OP if your skin falls into the normal-oily category, it should be fine I feel, regardless of whether you apply moisturizer beforehand or not. However, skin sensitivities can vary greatly but it's worth a shot.

I love the coverage of Studio Fix. Jul 17, 6. Jul 17, 7. Jul 17, 8. I used this MAC blush for years , loved it my cheeks are dry. But I kept getting break outs. I stopped using MAC and the break outs did stop. Just my experience. Jul 17, 9. I have the powder and to me it sucks because it gives this ashy look and everybody is fucking NW It didn't break me out though because I always make sure I take off all my makeup and also exfoliate and do oil cleansing during the week every week I have been slacking off these days though Jul 17, I think if you wash the make up before you go to sleep it doesn't break you out.

I have acne prone skin and I use both the liquid and the powder and a blush when I am at work All of which I would use regardless of the make up I use because like I said I have acne prone skin.

I wouldn't suggest using studio fix for everyday use though. I have my daytime make up and night time.


If I go out in the day and want some coverage I use maybelline mousse Also, as far as color and oil I think every blck girl I know has been given nc I don't know why. I've been given NC and a C

mac makeup for oily acne prone skin Mac makeup for oily acne prone skin
mac makeup for oily acne prone skin Mac makeup for oily acne prone skin
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mac makeup for oily acne prone skin Mac makeup for oily acne prone skin
mac makeup for oily acne prone skin Mac makeup for oily acne prone skin
mac makeup for oily acne prone skin Mac makeup for oily acne prone skin

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