Delete email address on mac

How do I make Apple Mail leave a copy of my messages on the server?

Deleting email from my Mac does not delete it from my iPhone.

In the early s, the leading free email clients were hotmail and AOL. Only eventually Google saw an opportunity to convert their growing search audience into registered users — a brilliant stepping stone to what would become an entire ecosystem of personal data. As the world of email and high-speed internet became commoditized, competing services and products flooded the market, taking users away from Google, with some even deleting Gmail accounts altogether.

To this day, there are plenty of reasons to switch email providers or just let old email addresses slowly gather dust.

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Other users had specific security concerns, found better-looking email clients, or got tired of managing multiple email addresses and wanted to simplify. During the surge of email switching, lots of users were left wondering how to close a Gmail account. This is especially important if you have invoices, receipts, or other significant records living in your inbox.


To create an archive before deleting Gmail account:. When your archive is ready, Google will email you a link to download the files, but note that depending on how many files you have this could take from minutes to even days. Send Verification Email, which will go to the email address you enter, so make sure you have access to it. After learning how to remove an account from Google and subsequently deleting all of your Gmail data, your old email address will bounce or show delivery failure if someone tries to send a message to it.

If you deleted Gmail but kept other Google services, you can still access them through the new email address you attached to your Google Account during the delete Gmail process. And, the good news is, there are some strong contenders depending on your reason for switching. For example, users who are concerned about security and privacy may consider Canary Mail — an email client that has integrated end-to-end encryption, so only you and your recipient can read the contents of your messages.

The outbound message is encrypted by the sender side and then decrypted by the recipient to ensure that no intermediary can scan or see private communications — not even your internet provider!

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In addition, Canary Mail has a host of other useful features, including read notifications when someone opens your email or one-click unsubscribes instead of having to find nearly invisible unsubscribe links in emails. Another popular reason for deleting your Google Accounts is simply having too many other email addresses in use. It can be time-consuming and challenging to have multiple email clients, logins, and inboxes to manage.

That is until you try a fantastic alternative to Gmail for multiple email addresses called Unibox. Messages can be configured to appear like a text conversation rather than split with unseemly signatures, unnecessary details, and other extra information.

Temporarily stop using an email account

The result is a more productive view of your work, with more room to think and breathe instead of drowning in the details. Best of all, both Canary Mail and Unibox are available for a free trial through Setapp , an app platform for Mac that lets you subscribe to over brilliant macOS apps.

I'm not sure why people on this forum haven't noticed that in fact it is implemented see screenshot in the link below. Once you see the email address, hit the drop-down arrow next to it and you can remove it from Airmail address list.

How to Delete Email Account on Mac

When I get new emails for people who've switched jobs, the old email address keeps popping up causing my email to fail. Second this. I've typed in e-mail addresses wrong in the past and now that incorrect e-mail address is sitting there at the top of my recipients. Should be able to delete it.

Delete an Email Address from Auto-Complete

How is this not been implemented? Seriously disappointing to have such a basic feature neglected for so long. In my particular case there are several misspelled email addresses which constantly insist on auto populating each and every time I try to email that person. In the words of Trump.

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delete email address on mac Delete email address on mac
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delete email address on mac Delete email address on mac
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