How do i clean up my mac computer

Tidy up your desktop

Most newer Mac machines especially MacBooks are now with small-volume flash storage starting from GB, that means your Mac will fill up quickly and run slowly after some time.

What can you do? The answer seems oddly simple: clean up Mac drive.

Optimize the inside of your Mac with a clean-up

Often it takes hours if not days to find out what files taking up the major disk space. You can use the app to easily reclaim gigabytes of free storage space in just a few clicks. These maintenance tasks are usually for power users, but CleanMyMac makes it easy for us basic users to use as well. We believe CleanMyMac is the best Mac cleanup app out there and we highly recommend it to most of Mac users. What separates MacBooster from other Mac optimization software is its all-in-one concept.

Obviously, IObit wants to position the app as a one-stop maintenance tool for a Mac. Well, we have to point out though, that the software over exaggerates the seriousness of certain issues. Nevertheless, we still think the app is valuable for many users. In particular, we like the Duplicate Finder feature — which can help you spot out tons of duplicate and similar items especially pictures that are safe for removal.

And by doing so, you could free up much storage on your Mac. There are also several other great features like Photo Sweeper, Uninstaller, etc.

How to Organize Your Mac OS X Desktop

CCleaner was so popular and Piriform claimed it had achieved millions of downloads. But its popularity perhaps has decreased a bit due to the malware hack happened in read more from this Time report. Few Mac users actually know that the app is also now available for macOS. CCleaner Free allows you to scan and clean your computer, while the Pro version offers additional real-time monitoring, automatic updates, and premium support.

The app is well designed with clean interfaces and text instructions. We found this a bit confusing as cleaning Mac junk files is one thing and speeding up the computer is another, not sure why Stellar Phoenix uses the words interchangeably. Any other Mac optimizer software that you feel we should include in this list, leave a comment and let us know.

Download CCleaner for Mac | Clean up your Mac!

It shows exactly where the different files are located and lets you jump to look at them in Finder which is very helpful. Over time the iTunes library becomes riddled with differently named versions of the same tracks.

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What is cool with Gemini 2 is once I have my list of potential duplicates, I can use the preview function and listen to the files straight from Gemini 2. When it comes the time to remove duplicates, Gemini 2 actually launches iTunes to do it properly without me having to do a thing.

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Very cool. This is because each icon takes up some RAM.

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  8. Use a different folder. I am always quick to install security updates. However, I have grown wary when it comes to upgrading the entire operating system. I have had enough first hand experience of these problems in the past. I prefer not to risk it anymore. So when I have a setup that works well, I try to stick to it for as long as I can. The same obviously goes for the other software on your computer. My favorite software for backing up: Backblaze — affordable cloud backups.

    Carbon Copy Cloner — maintains a bootable clone of my drive.

    Free up Your Disk in a few Clicks with MacFly Pro

    Other than Os X maintenance, you should also pay attention to how you actually use the computer in order to keep it running optimally. Here are a few tips:. Is there something else you are doing that helps keep your Mac running nicely? I would love to hear about it — share your tips in the comments. Nice post, thanks.

    Our favorite Mac cleanup tips

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    how do i clean up my mac computer How do i clean up my mac computer
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    how do i clean up my mac computer How do i clean up my mac computer
    How do i clean up my mac computer

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