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So I had to figure this thing out. Southern-style baked macaroni and cheese uses eggs and sets up a little like a quiche. The edges get all golden brown and crusty and the center stays soft and melty. But it was Thanksgiving! I was still having some major reservations about trying something new on The Big Day but went with it anyway. And it was a total hit! It cooked up almost exactly like my traditional mac and cheese and tasted perfect! Get recipe HERE!

This recipe was shared at the Weekend Potluck! Do not cook noodles longer than 5 minutes. While noodles are cooking, combine evaporated milk, milk, sour cream, eggs, salt, mustard, white pepper and cayenne pepper in a large bowl and mix well.

Creamy Crock Pot Mac and Cheese

Spray the inside of a medium-large crock pot approximately 4-qt size with cooking spray then pour macaroni mixture into crock pot. Top with remaining cheese. Cover and cook on low for 3 hours or until set in the center and golden brown around the edges. The sharper the cheddar, the less creamy it is. I have a feeling when I make this again with regular or mild cheddar things will be much creamier! I haven't had a lick of luck with slow cooker mac and cheese but this looks so yummy. You're Mama is a smart cookie.

Can't wait to try this.

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I didn't know that sharper cheese would be less creamy. I'll have to remember this. Would it matter very much if mine is too small or too large? I have two but couldn't tell you the sizes. I'd use a gallon of water to help me figure out the sizes.

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

If it fits a gallon of water it's 4 quarts, a half a gallon is 2 qts. I hope that helps! Just finished eating this mac and cheese.

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I followed the recipe exactly. I'm sorry, but although it tastes very good, the recipe curdled. I used sargento cheddar a variety of cheddars. I'm going to stick to making a bechamel sauce in the future. I'm glad it tastes good though! Maybe it was the combo of the cheddar and the temperature of the slow cooker. Cooked on low though. If you're used to a bechamel sauce then you probably wouldn't like this. Southern-style does finish with sort of a curdle you can see it in the photo. It isn't a smooth and creamy sauce, but more of a broken custard.

I'm sorry you didn't like it :. Yes, it's supposed to curdle I thought the pictures and description of it setting like a quiche made that pretty clear. The curdle's the best part! This looks so good! I have tried macaroni and cheese a thousand different ways, but my texture is almost always bit off - like it was ever so slightly gritty. The taste is always great, but the texture issue is driving me nuts.

How to Make Crock Pot Mac and Cheese

I read somewhere that if I cooled the white sauce prior to adding the cheese it would not be gritty. Have you ever had a problem with that, and if so, how did you fix it? I can't say I've ever had one turn out gritty I'll have to think about that. You can't cook the sauce of a Southern style milk and eggs macaroni and cheese because it will thicken too much to be stirred into the pasta. Are you cooking Southern style or a bechamel based? I tripled the recipe and it was gone in under 10 minutes.

Did not change a thing well I have sent several people to your site for the recipe! Thanks, this will be in heavy rotation at our house and future parties! Good to know! I am making this for our office party tomorrow. Thanks for the post Anonymous! I make my mac and cheese in the crock pot all the time. I use colby jack and a little bit of gruyere in my cheese blend. It's delish. If I am feeling really festive I add a little nutmeg! Try it! Karen B. We are having a Mexican themed party and I was wondering if adding browned and drained chorizo would ruin the dish.

Can this be cooked in the oven in a 9X13 pan? If so, what temperature and how long do you recommend? I haven't tried it but I think it would work just fine.

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I'd cook uncovered at for about 45 minutes. Good luck! I have a crock pot mac and cheese recipe from Southern Living that I have used and used. It is so easy and sooo good. It uses sharp cheddar and Italian three-cheese blend, which makes it really creamy. My recipe does not have butter, and I'm a huge butter fan, so I may try adding that in, as well as the sour cream. Your recipe sounds divine. I followed your recommendation for cooking it in the oven. I cooked it for minutes and it turned out perfectly! Thank you! I have used it twice now and it's been a big hit both times!!!

I love that it's so simple, easy, and delicious. I followed the recipe exactly the first time and the second I used sharp cheddar with a touch of Parmesan How many servings does this make??? This was delicious Drain the mac and be sure to use HEAPING 2 cups, or 3 cups , pour into the greased crock pot and pour enough melted butter over noodles to cover I forgot Borden has an 8oz pkg of shredded triple cheddar and then an 8 oz pkg of mild cheddar.

Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

OMG, so yum. This looks great. I was curious if I could pop it in the oven to develop a crust or that would be discouraged with this particular recipe. Ever since I found this recipe I've been fantasizing about it. I made it today in the oven following your guidelines and it worked a treat. I used three types of cheese 8oz colby, 4oz 36month aged cheddar, 4oz good parmesan and the combo was amazing. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the curdley texture, but I was aware of that prior to making it - on the plus side it meant I didn't gorge on mac and cheese : Love your blog, the captions on the kids drawings had me giggling!

I'll start off saying that I'm a born and bred southern lady who married a born and bred Yankee from western New York country, not city.

Needless to say, he doesn't always get why we southerners make certain dishes the way we do. He's still reeling over the last time he tried boiled peanuts. But not too long ago, I was having company over and tried for the first time your green beans and potatoes recipe alongside this macaroni and cheese recipe as sides for the traditional country fried chicken. All I can say is that my very picky Yankee husband went back for seconds on both.

And thirds for THIS macaroni and cheese dish!

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