Format thumb drive for both mac and pc

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In the new pop-up window, choose the format to be "ExFAT". You may also change the device name if you want. Then hit the "Erase" button to continue. Kind reminder: make sure you have backed up the data before you do this.

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Step 4 : Wait until the erasing process to complete. It should be very quick only a few seconds to format my 32GB Lexar drive. Step 5 : This step is optional. I'm showing this to verify that the USB drive has been reformatted to the file system I wanted.

How to Format USB Flash Drive to FAT32 on Mac without Data Loss?

I saved several files to the disk, and open Disk Utility again. And yes If you are on an earlier operating system like Windows 7, XP, etc. The screenshots may look slightly different. Step 2 : A new window pops up prompting options you need to select before starting. The only thing you have to check is under "File system", make sure you have chosen "exFAT". You may also rename the device drive under "Volume label".

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Then click the "Start" button to continue. Step 3 : You'll see this warning. Once again, make sure you've backed up all important data stored in the drive. Click "OK". Chances are that you may encounter some issues formatting a flash drive on a PC or the disk is malfunctioning.

Format USB Flash Drives to Work With Both Mac and Windows 7

If so, the following articles may be of help to you:. Most of the external hard disks and flash drives are formatted for Microsoft Windows operating systems. That makes using the drive a bit troublesome on Mac machines. Like I said, if you want to use the device for both a PC and Mac, you should consider reformatting it to exFAT once you figure out the drive isn't with another file system. Hope the above guide is helpful to you. It gave me errors and would not copy the file. Said format problem. So I reformatted to Apple journaled and had no more problems.

But now, of course, a PC cannot read the flash drive. And after the instructions, I tried to boot into Windows. Press Enter to try again. I have inherited three Macs. I was planning to use them but now I am convinced that Apple is interested in creating compatibility issues, worse that microsoft, so I am switching to Linux.

I do not like encryption, how do i do it. Wanted to copy a large video file so needed to use exFAT. Although we know its limitation of 4gb file size only. So, after an hour research I am able to find three solutions for it: 1.

How to Format a Drive for Mac & PC Compatibility

Create two partitions on your hard drive to use with each OS, separately. You can create,delete,format,resize boot camp partition,repartition without any data loss, can make bootable DVD by Stellar partition manager. I found this tool really easy to use and efficient. No, why should an operating system support the file systems of other operating systems?

How to Format Your USB Flash Drive to exFAT?

There should be a file system which is designed for external media and supports large files and large volumes, just like all other modern file systems. FAT was designed by Microsoft and is patented by Microsoft.

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  • Formatting a Drive for Mac OS X & Windows PC Compatibility?
  • Every who wants to use FAT has to pay Microsoft. They have to pay Microsoft to use FAT. Almost every device supports FAT.

    How To Format A Hard Drive To Work On Mac and PC

    Every device just supports it. They should have introduced a completely new, open and completely independent file system which is designed for external devices and is free to use by everyone. Could Ext4 and coming newer versions be a perfect candidate for this?

    The reality is we all live in a world of mixed platforms, always have and probably always will.

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    The OS that has the widest support usually becomes the most popular. It must be Master Boot Record. FAT32 may be universal-ish, but MS left it behind for good reasons besides the file size limit. Apple seemed to have no trouble reverse-engineering FAT compatibility or did they license it? However, all references to this feature have been silently removed. Or does this only play a role when trying to reformat the drive under Windows?

    I know that fails for sure if the drive is previously set to use a GUID partition table. I have avoided exFat for the exact same reasons as noted by the posters above; extremely slow transfer rates. I may be wrong on that size tho. I wish there was a universal filesystem everyone could use natively without these trappings on each individual OS. This is not possible because Microsoft and Apple work a lot to avoid Linux users being happy and doing everything more easily than they already do.

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    Sponsored Links. The Bottom Line Here's a basic rundown of which format we recommend for your USB flash drive, broken down by use case.

    format thumb drive for both mac and pc Format thumb drive for both mac and pc
    format thumb drive for both mac and pc Format thumb drive for both mac and pc
    format thumb drive for both mac and pc Format thumb drive for both mac and pc
    format thumb drive for both mac and pc Format thumb drive for both mac and pc
    format thumb drive for both mac and pc Format thumb drive for both mac and pc

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